The Pergola

It’s been busy around here and the Mister is ready for these projects to be finished. I don’t have the heart to tell him that I mentally add to the list. Every. Single. Day. And his assistance will nearly ALWAYS be required in some way, shape, or form.

Let’s go back a few months and talk about pergolas.

Pergolas? Yes, pergolas. They are big. They are beautiful. They are expensive. And I wanted one.

With a limited budget and time on my hands, I did some research and discovered Ana White’s site. She has tons of plans for almost anything you could want to build.

And she just happened to have a pergola.

See?! Isn’t it lovely?! And it just happened to be the perfect size for our space! Speaking of which… let’s take a look.

This is what we started with. We own a townhouse and have one of the larger yards on our street.  So we’ve got a piney-tree, electric box thingy, and mystery branchiness at the base of the fence.

Another view. Don’t be decieved. That greenery is nothing but weeds and decomposed pine needles.

Just a few steps in this lengthy process… After we cut down the tree, we had a nice stump. Room for a pergola, notsomuch a patio.


A friend came and removed the stump with a scary piece of equipment that would make me shudder if I was a stump.

But now we have a hole. Guess we have to till the ground some we can make space for the bricks…

This process totally reminds me of the old lady that swallowed a fly… then a spider… then a bird.

Then we (and to clarify, but “we” I mostly mean the Mister and sometimes Mister’s brother) dug some big holes with an auger, and set the posts. (Dear future auger-operators out there, If you need an 8″ diameter hole, get a 6″ auger. It moves around ALOT. Sincerely, the people with a 10″ diamter hole) Big thanks to Doug Reeves with GRA Services SecureSet. It’s a nifty thing that replaces cement for setting posts. See this YouTube video for more info.

We learned before we started the dormant plant growing near the fence was wisteria! *SwoonySigh* Can a pergola GET any better?! I can’t wait until this is finished! We’re getting so close!

*Screeching halt* AAANNNNNDDDD….. it sat there for awhile. Life got in the way. Who knew in 2 months you could grow a mystery weed that is over 5 feet tall!?  And other wonderful projects weasled their way in. My parents came from Texas to visit and give my guys a lesson on how to tile. Nothing like starting another big project while the other is halfway complete. Let’s get back to it!


Top goes up and cross beams are layed. Mountain is mowed and moved. Now it’s time for some patio. We used bricks we already had and had to mix two types. Not how I would have chosen to do it had we had an unlimited budget, but it works.


Alright! Let’s lay some sod! You know, because 107 degrees out is the very best time of the year to plant grass. :o)

Thankfully it survived and we learned how important it is the get the ground really level or some of your grass will drown.

We spent a few days training the wisteria. It’s making its way across, but really isn’t the most obedient of plants.

And a nice blurry side view of the finished patio. And after 4 months of this dragging out, it was done just in time to host some family fun making s’mores!

One of my favorite things about this project is how nice it is to use every day (well, early in the morning during these Oklahoma summers!) This is one of my favorite things to see when I look out there. The guys love being outside and it is such a great place to enjoy some fresh air!

And some water!


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