DIY Corkboard Map

My sweet brother-in-law travels for work and mentioned that he would like to find a state map to track where he’s visited.

After seeing this from Design Sponge on Pinterest, I was inspired to try my hand at something similar.


You’ll need:

  • A corkboard whatever size you want. Mine was 29″ x 35″  from Hobby Lobby ($12.99) and I used a 40% weekly coupon.
  • Map printable. Mine was from I blew it up at Kinkos and it cost under $10 if I remember correctly (this is why one shouldn’t wait 3 months to post about a project!)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Paint pen
  • Craft paint for water (if you so desire…)

Cut out the map.

Tack it to the corkboard and trace it with a pen or pencil. I used a pen because I’m just daring like that (and ahem… a ball point pen may roll easier across the cork than a pencil.)



Hawaii ended up being like interpretive art. Those islands are tricky! I went ahead and used the paint pen to trace the lines since I hadn’t gone to Kinkos yet.

Now this next part can probably be done several different ways, but this is what made the most sense to me.


I cut up the map, then tacked it back down on one side and traced up the line.


I cut out a state, traced the negative space around it and continued over the whole country. In this picture, I cut out Mississippi, traced it, then cut out Louisiana, then Florida and made my way north.


Yeah! All my states are there!


Trace the states with the paint pen.


I decided it needed a little something, so I used some watered-down acrylic craft paint to make a “wash.” It was very subtle and I liked it.


 I also wanted to add some sort of compass. I found one on Google images that I liked and just sorta free handed it with a ruler, a small lid and with pencil (this is where my bravery ends!) It’s not the best, but it totally worked for me!


The finished project! Happy Birthday Chas!


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