The Nightstand

Since I have been staying home with my son, I finally am getting around to making our house a home (since I am here looking at it all day!) I’ve been trying to do small things that make a big difference and when I look at them, I smile. This is definitely  one of those projects!

So there is a color that is called fushia or berry (and a multitude of other things), but I love it. I have a tendency to gravitate towards this color and purples. I don’t know what it is. But I love it.


I bought this small dresser last spring for $10 at a garage sale.  SAMSUNG

This baby was beat up! SAMSUNG

So I…

Wiped clean, repaired the broken drawer track, sanded, applied wood filler to holes and dents, sanded again but with fine grit, primed (2 coats), painted (3 coats), and poly-coated (2 coats). Whew!!


The specifics on the paint color: I started out with the above color then decided to go one shade darker in Benjamin Moore’s Summer Plum. ACE Hardware has 1 pint paint samples for around $5 and it was more than enough for this project. I also used Glidden’s Gripper Grey Latex Primer (I had it from the door project) along with Minwax Polycrylic in Satin.

But it was all worth it now that I have this!

IMG_3356I really liked the shape of the original hardware, but didn’t decide until it was finished if I should leave them as is. I think it adds to the character for them not to be all brass and shine. I was missing a pull to start with and then another was corroded. I am going to look for some small crystal drawer knobs.


IMG_3362 Nice smooth top!


I even went the extra mile for myself and lined the drawers with wrapping paper I bought 4 years ago. Apparently, I liked it so much, no one was worthy to recieve a gift in it and it has sat unopened. Seize the day, right?

One last look… before AND AFTER!


I love it and it was so worth having my alarm clock, water cup and my glasses on the floor at night for a week!


UPDATE 6 Mar 2013: I got the knobs for it!




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